Sand and Investment Casting

Hindustan Magnesium has developed proprietary sand and investment casting technologies to optimise weight reduction, without affecting the performance or the quality of the product.

  • Rapid Castings in sand and investment, to achieve castings of most complex shapes in a short lead time.
  • Counter Gravity – Differential Pressure Casting, allows most critical castings with very thin wall thickness.
  • Proprietary degassing and grain refinement techniques for aero grade investment castings.
  • Proprietary dual wax technology for investment casting of parts with internal cores, hollow models etc.
  • Proprietary chill technology for directional cooling.

Gravity Die Casting

Hindustan Magnesium has perfected the process of gravity die casting of magnesium, for production of low to medium volume products.Our expertise in Gravity Die Casting helps in optimising weight reduction without impacting product performance or quality.

Pressure Die Casting

A 1000MT HPDC production line is underway at Hindustan Magnesium, enabling scalable and sustainable production, to meet various client requirements.